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The purpose of this global freedom movement is to help restore humanity  into the lives of individuals by providing them with informative information, that will help shape and reshape the world around them.

The Adrain Crump Repent Project, LLC, a Professional Organization with a soul purpose and cause to restore, rebuild and reempower the existence and reasoning of mankind.

This task is hoped to be achieved by using a variety of resources such as Music, Stage Productions, Seminars, books, Community events, social functions and gathers, etc..
With the help and assistances of  local and distant  influential leaders, authors, law enforcement agencies,  members of political parties, teachers, Religious leaders, entertainers, music artists, performances etc.
The Adrain Crump repent project is looking to team up with individuals whom purposed it as a mission and duty to make a difference in today's world.


Our mission is to constitute as a voice of reason and be a light of guidance for a restructure nation. providing and creating new ventures of life that will alter personal and multicultural paths of life.

Our purpose is to aid and assist individuals in changing their view point in which the view themselves and the others around them.


​​​​​​​               The Repent Project, LLC are asking local sponsors to support and stand with us as we take on such an awe - inspiring task. we understand​​ ​many movements and great leaders have gone before us in ​an attempt to change, improve, and build up the world - power around us, when it seems as if violence, crime, injustice and neglect appears to be a norm.

            The believers​ here at the Adrain Crump -   Repent Project, LLC understands all things are possible through our Savior Jesus Christ.  We also believe that each of us were created with a gift to make a difference and to fulfill purpose in the lives of others. Therefore like most of you that have taken time to review and respond to this, we eagerly excited to start the freedom movement, targeting all 50 states.  "But we need your help"!

​             It is our goal and honor to give back to the lives of the ones who've sacrificed and suffered as well as provide a new path for our future generations. As well as our goal to target the probably areas in our communities, schools and business etc. by focusing on and highlighting the solutions we all posses within.


         Please we ask that you stand with us and believe in us, take a chance on change remembering we must put our in faith in the process. It takes funds, resources and  influential favor to push an organization to this magnitude as well as, to aid in free community events, educations and training all while assisting those that are less fortunate to supply themselves with shelter, food and other survivor essentials needed. In addition all of this The Adrain Crump -  Repent Project, LLC will provide the public with free workshops and  fundamental seminars that will help self equip our ​​​​​fellow mankind on how to be self ​sufficient and functional in today's society.

For more information or for a chance to meet with the Founders and Co founders of this metamorphic experience. Please visit the home page on our website  www.RPFreedom.com or email us at [email protected] you may also log on to gofundme.com for all financial contributions.  

                                                                                        Thank you